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Social media influencers aren’t who you think they are. CGI models are the latest trend in influencer advertising.

We’ve all lost ourselves down the rabbit-hole of social media accounts. It starts with that girl you knew ages ago, takes a detour through the dark void of celebrity drama and ends with some random girl whose pictures are perfect. Somehow, this person has managed to take an Instagram-worthy photo everywhere she goes. Brands practically beg her to wear their clothing or write a glowing review about them. She gets paid to look great and hold a bag of tea that apparently makes you skinny. You envy her for a moment. …

Canada might be next to adopt a media legislation similar to Australia’s that could resurrect the struggling news industry. Sounds great, right? But what’s a stake if we tie journalism to big tech?

Illustration by Kristen Cussen

When used correctly, social media is a powerful tool used by journalists to crowd-source information, access elite contacts and interact directly with audiences. But at its core, Big Tech is designed for monetization, not to improve journalism or democracy. It’s a happy accident of sorts, and other times, it’s a newsroom’s worst nightmare.

It’s impossible to deny the benefits of Zoom interviews, citizen footage of breaking news…

Recently, feminism has become tainted by the stereotypical image of a needlessly raging woman. She holds a sign that says “the future is female” in one hand and a megaphone in the other. From her mouth, she spews venom at any man who dares cross her path and roams the internet in search of a good old heated argument full of memes and witty shut downs.

In classrooms, the timeline of feminism is patchy. It began 100 years ago when women won the right to vote and jumps to the present day where men and women are considered equal- on…

Here’s what you need to know about Toronto’s new safe supply sites.

Two safer supply sites are opening in Toronto to combat a spike in opioid deaths.

Federal funding for the 10-month pilot program comes after 27 suspected opioid overdoses in July alone.

In the past six months, Toronto paramedics have responded to a record high of 124 fatal suspected opioid overdose calls.

“It’s heartbreaking,” said Lorraine Barnaby, Manager of Urban Health of Supervised Consumption Services at Parkdale Queen West Community Health Centre.

“Those are deaths that could have been prevented. The grief and loss, both to staff and to…

The air, once refreshing, tasted bitter. Every gulp, an intolerable lump in my throat. It stayed there for days, four to be exact. On that fourth day, I saw you dressed for volleyball practice in a casket.

A massive flower arrangement sat beside you. White sympathy roses.

I didn’t know they made floral arrangements that big. As beautiful as they looked, hand placed with care, they too were a viewing. A valiant display of pity and grief to be tossed away at the first sign of decay.

It struck me as odd that the most common condolence gift was one…

Kristen Cussen

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